Alive in Death© (Part One) | An original poem by Briana Augustus

To be deferred, is to be set aside.

Like buying a child a ball to take out at recess -

It remains in the toy chest until it’s time to be accessed.

So hope supposedly deferred - it’s present but not yet disturbed,

Remaining near but unstirred. Sure,

God’s timing often seems to drag, but our minutes are his hours,

Our days are his weeks, our months are his years

So His supposed lack of movement at this moment -

That doesn’t mean inactivity,

and is not to be confused with passivity.

GOD is a God of action - deferred until His timing occurs

And it WILL occur

For our patience is His opportunity.

Our faithfulness is His blessing.

Our hurting is Him moving.

Our HOPE is Him delivering,

Satisfying the debts of sin that we would accrue.


From the beginning, God foresaw a path to redemption.

And He’s already foiled the plots

of all man’s evil intentions.

“For God so loved the world” -

Jesus was made the host for His intervention.

So when He cried “Eli, Eli - lema sabachthani?”

He already knew the answer:

Because a pure God cannot draw near to one covered in the filth of sin.

Yet Jesus still cries out - “My God, my God

Why have you forsaken me?”

Because - not even the Son of God and Man

can bear sins and be close to the Father.


But once Jesus released His spirit

The earth shook and dead believers

were raised to life!

And that’s the power of His death!?

Surely, this was the Son of God -

One who, in death, can offer a hope so alive!


References: Matthew 28, John 20, Psalm 30:5, The books of Genesis and Isaiah

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