Don’t Eat the Rat Poison© | An original piece by Briana Augustus

My nerves are about to be rent with all these stressors on my back – bent. Too much of my mind’s energy and your time has already been spent on this, so let me get to the gist: To the next persons that try shaming me because I’m me and you don’t get it – keep in mind this. I chose my life as much as you did yours, so keep walking through your life’s open doors and stop trying to see what more or less I have in store. You’re the only one keeping score. You’re where you’re at and I’m over here; to you, I’ll tip the hat, but don’t try poisoning my joy – rat. When you cross the line, you know it – I don’t show it but I too know and if you “wanna go,” go it alone, but I dare you to throw the first stone. I may play dumb, but I know right and wrong have a sum, and enough pain will turn one numb. I’m almost done, but this war’s far from won. Discernment keeps my mouth shut while yours runs. While I’m picking my battles, you’re busy picking at me from your rut, and I’m not about to lunge to put you in your place. Although outside my jurisdiction, read my words, and take note of my diction, because if keep pickin’, we can turn this game into non-fiction.

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