A) What inspires the artist to create?

B) What helps the artist create?

These have touched Briana's heart in some way and helped uplift her throughout her art journey so she thought to share them with you. Maybe they'll help spark something inside of you too!

"In all things, shine bright." - Bri

How Could You Leave Us by NF | These soulful words deeply reach my soul every single time I hear and sing along with them. NF speaks truth from the rawest source. As I speak from barren places I pray to reach the same depths.

Drop the World by Lil Wayne and Eminem | The first song I memorized word-for-word (filling in the profanity with words like "tucking") - Eminem has always been my hero, and in this song, he solidifies every "rap god" vision I've ever dreamed of hearing and alternatively reaching.

Jungle, a single by the XX Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons, is an anthem to the rebirth of self in my eyes. The sound is so raw and I feel it when it plays.