Early photography work

Hold On© | An original poem by Briana Augustus

Hold on.

Exciting things are happening.

The Devil himself can’t zap this sapling.

The Lord is cheering me on, so every word I sing on, may everybody hear loud this song.

New beginnings, old endings,

Flames pending, dreams hinging,

Minds bending, enemies singeing,

Thoughts lending themselves to this kindling pot – sizzling.

Before I ever ask a favor, favors are giving themselves to me.

Fingers tingling, feeling too close to things I once thought far away,

But I won’t sway while ringing hopes keep singing.

Rubbing shoulders with greats-to-be, mingling with my future me.

My God will provide so I’m worry-free, strolling with pockets jingling.

No change to spare yet change ain’t sparing me.

I am a leader following daring plans but ain’t none of 'em scaring me.

I’m faring well but God, I pray my head never swells.

Never has anybody at the top professed they never fell,

But I’m still out to excel, to succeed – tightening my belt.

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